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Emotional pain takes many forms:
Loss, stress, anxiety, chronic depression, burnout, feeling stuck, heart break, lingering guilt, regret, fear of trusting again, pent-up anger, worry about the future and shame from the past.

Most of us do our best to cope, hold things together, and keep going, but we carry emotional pain that we don’t know how to release. The toxic residue gets stored in our heart and body, limiting our ability to heal and to give and receive love.

Using Principles and tools from the Chopra centre co-founders Dr. David Simon and Dr Deepak Chopra and my own healing journey; this life-transforming workshop integrates the wisdom of the Eastern healing arts with modern psychological principles.

In this nurturing and loving environment I will guide you to identify and release the life-damaging beliefs and painful memories that are holding you back. You will learn to forgive yourself and others, make peace with the past and find the gifts in these experiences. Through nurturing your relationship with your sacred self you will find your unique life purpose and fill the newly opened space in your heart with love, strength and faith.

This photograph was taken at the Paramahansa Yogananda retreat 12 years ago when I started to go into complete remission from metastasised melanoma using the methods that I now teach. It is a meaningful coincidence that my top and skirt blend with the sea, flowers and steps where Paramahansa Yogananda used to teach. In Yogic terms healing is the balanced integration of mind, body and spirit with the environment. The photo was like a message to me that I was on the right path and in the flow of life in every moment. It is as though God held me in the palm of his hand. I feel so privileged to have this opportunity to guide you through the same methods that were instrumental to my own healing and welcome you with an open heart.

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