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Below are 3 testimonials written by people who have found a new way forward in life thanks to Penny's meditation and life coaching.

There is a Buddhist proverb “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”
Having been diagnosed with ME/CFS about 15 years ago and having been unable to work for the past couple of years, I was feeling at an all time low with energy levels so low that I was stuck in bed or on the sofa for most of the day, almost every day.  I had become depressed and the light which had always shone at the end of a very long tunnel was appearing to dim.  Then like an Angel sent from God, Penny Burns serendipitously appeared and put me well on the path to recovery at a moment when I really was worse than ever before, spiritually emotionally and physically!

I was so inspired by Penny's powerful story of self healing that it gave me faith that with Penny's guidance I could heal myself. When Penny's already metastasized melanoma came back and the medical profession could only offer her more surgery she set off to explore all successful methods of self healing and used these to heal herself at the same time as qualifying to help others to heal and create well being. Since then she has qualified as a Chopra Centre trained Meditation Teacher and has many other relevant qualifications and much experience.

Penny taught me meditation on her terrace in France.  I was so deeply touched by my own truth that came through in the peace of mind created by meditation that I was often astounded. With Penny's insight and nurturing I was able to explore some of my long held toxic emotional beliefs and habits that left me feeling drained and powerless and develop a sense of self power which made me better able to cope with stressful life circumstances. I started to see that I had a choice and could create new emotional habits and felt safe enough to  feel the build up of pain and release it. She put me on a nutritional therapy for me to carry on at home and I found that I had more energy and looked great.  I truly think the secret to all healing is to believe it will work, then to do literally everything in your power to make it work (cutting corners won’t work!).  With Penny's guidanceI was able to take responsibility for and learn to process my emotional issues which had contributed to my condition.
For me, I believe it was a combination of toxicity of dangerous paints and dyes I had been exposed to and probably more significantly toxicity from deeply buried emotions which up until this point I had never learnt to properly deal with.  I  believe that learning and practising meditation is proving to be the most beneficial factor in my recovery and recovering from severe loss of self confidence, it was good to be reassured through Penny’s profound loving nurturing and guidance that I really was capable of being fully healed and not only “good as new”, but a refined evolved metamorphosis from what I was before.  As Penny said to me “If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.”

Adam Flude, West Sussex

For most of my life I felt like something was missing.....
I felt lost and insecure and didn’t know how to change my thought patterns. I moved from relationship to relationship always finding imperfections and seeing the worst in people, after the last break-up I felt very alone and turned to food for comfort and ended up putting on 20 pounds in a short space of time.

I needed help. Penny’s support, advice, guidance and tuition have helped me to feel supported and whole, I now enjoy every day and look forward to the future when all I felt before was fear.

Through the healthy lifestyle changes (diet and exercise) I am back to a healthy weight while the meditation, yoga and life coaching have made a huge difference to my state of mind.

Even better I got to learn and grow in such a beautiful, peaceful and nurturing environment at Penny’s centre in the South of France. I am now in a loving relationship where I see the best in myself and in my partner and really believe that without Penny’s help I wouldn’t have been able to make the long term changes and truly embrace myself and be happy not only with myself but also with the person I am with. Thank you so much Penny!

Elizabeth Peacock, 31, Sydney (Australia)

Discovering Meditation was like finding a key which opened a door to a happier, healthier and more positive life - it was a path I decided to take, when all else failed.
I used to suffer from chronic insomnia, lying awake for hours on end, wondering if I was ever going to drop off. I tried aromatherapy, acupressure, hypnosis, sleeping pills which left me feeling giddy next day and eventually took to drinking large amounts of alcohol at bedtime to knock myself out.

However I also started to become irritable and depressed to the point where I was prescribed anti-depressants known as SSRIs and these did actually help in the short term, as my sleep and my moods improved. But there is much research now which has found that these drugs are very difficult to come off. You stop and then your symptoms come back, but worse! After suffering from depression, the first time I gave up these pills, I started having panic attacks and my insomnia returned with a vengeance. So I found myself caught in a terrible spiral of symptoms, followed by pills, followed by coming off the pills, followed by going back on the pills because I felt so bad and so on. The last time I gave up the pills there were days when I couldn’t stop crying and just wanted to die. But that is all in the past now.

You reach a stage in your life when you are being called upon to undertake a radical departure from old ways - that old habits have to be abandoned and new paths discovered. I used to worry too much but through the process of mediation the negative thought patterns which anchored me down started to shift. It has been suggested that Meditation during the day can also clear your mind at night and in my case this is indeed true. When I met Penny it felt as if I were being offered a gift.

It has been many months since I have suffered one of those awful nights, just tossing and turning, praying for sleep which doesn’t come and I now enjoy a restful sleep almost every night.

Penny appeared in my life like a spiritual guide and to me, radiates positive energy. Anyone who needs to discover a new way forward should consider the gifts she has to offer. Unlike the pills and the booze, meditation has no unpleasant side effects but has soothed my mind. And since I now juice my own fruit and vegetables on a regular basis too, my body has also benefitted, my eyes are bright and my skin glows. Next year we are due to take a holiday at her retreat in France and I just know it is going to be fantastic!

Helen J, West Sussex

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