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Complementary treatments for Cancer

I am getting on in years and my mean old enemy, Cancer of the prostate, had turned up again in an aggressive form. I spent an inspiring time with Penny from 26 to 30 September 2017. She led me lovingly through sessions on diet, meditation and yoga, intended to complement medical treatment already prescribed. Penny is clearly in command of the strongly-based research in this field. Her own direct experience and professional training filled me with confidence. She had taken pains to familiarise herself with my condition, listened carefully and responded to my concerns conversationally, from heart as well as head, always with warmth and good humour and opportunities to laugh. I came away with a smile back on my face and a jointly prepared plan to apply daily what I had learned. I pray that she will have the opportunity to do the same with many others, who would benefit as I have.

Terence Roddie September 2018

Emotional Wholeness Retreat

I began my emotional retreat with much tribulation. I had to face up to a divorce I was instigating after nearly 40 years of marriage. No one ever wants to face their own demons, they would rather bury them in their ‘lost property’ department of their soul. Buried deep below in a mine field they would rather not explore.

Penny’s beautiful retreat instantly made me feel peaceful and relaxed which was a good start. Her expertise with yoga, meditation and healing techniques and her easy and compassionate manner enabled me to feel safe and comfortable enough to access and feel these emotions that I had concealed for many years.

During the process I realised I had not been feeling my emotions and letting them go. With different exercises and her amazing insight Penny helped me through this process.

After releasing these emotions I was able to see how the experiences that seemed negative had also been gifts that had allowed me to grow. It was hard and emotional. I’m not going to say it was easy.

She also helped me to see and appreciate my genuine needs and to express them in a non violent way where they could be heard.

Five months on I feel very different and other people (who didn’t know that I was undertaking this) have noticed the difference in me. They said I look noticeably ‘lighter’ and comfortable with who I am and not so angry. I have had breast cancer and understand that holding on to anger or being angry is not a good place to be so I am sure this has helped in my recovery.

Some of us look after our bodies; But our emotions don’t always get a work out, with this retreat they did; I can’t recommend Penny and this retreat enough in this testimonial.

Kathryn Soni October 2017

Wellness and relaxation retreat

My one-to-one weekend retreat with Penny, at her beautiful villa, was a healing and life changing experience for me. After experiencing a great loss a few months beforehand, I felt I needed help with processing my grief and moving forward in a positive way.

I was so lucky to find Penny – she taught me valuable meditation and yoga skills that I can use everyday, and helped me to release past emotions which means I am less anxious now and have more hope for the future. Penny is a fantastic host and really made me feel at home. Her meals are so delicious and healthy, and I enjoyed a relaxing swim in her lovely garden.

I’m so grateful for Penny’s wisdom and experience, and how she cared for my well being and spiritual journey. I look forward to seeing her again for more amazing sessions.

Jenny Brent testimonial June 2017

Wellness and relaxation retreat

My week’s stay at Penny’s idyllic house on the hill, was, without exaggeration, a transformative experience. I had arrived with a negative mindset born out of anxieties to do with health and family problems but left with a surprising sense of wellness and empowerment. Penny gave me a valuable toolbox she had used on herself that hinged on a diet of positivity, gratitude, meditation, exercise and nutrition. Even conversations with her over breakfasts on her sun-drenched balcony became a bright, light and healing experience. Infuse Penny’s beautiful house with her infectious passion for helping others to be their best and what you have is not just any retreat, but a joyful and transformative one. I would without hesitation, go again.

Aileen Shen May 2017

Meditation sessions 3 and 4

Dear Penny
I wanted to thank you deeply for the incredibly valuable meditation course sessions yesterday. The practical aspects of meditation with your advice on certain techniques already helped me in my meditation today. For session 4, as you know, I was totally blown away by Deepak’s talk on states of consciousness. I enjoyed and really benefited from the mix of your presentations, our dialogues, David Simon’s video, the session 3 slide show, Deepak’s video and our PSM/chakra combined meditation – rounded off by the booklet which I read last night. All in all, the course was of immense value to me – many thanks. To add to the experience I really must say how much I really appreciated yesterday’s synchronicities – the two most evident ones for me were the venue flexibility message (thanks to yesterday I have agreed to teach tomorrow away from my normal base) and the sharing of parental reconciliation experiences. Finally, I just wanted to say that a vitally enriching part of my experience yesterday was receiving guidance from an instructor who is clearly aligned with the knowledge, material and experience she is sharing. Your personal aura made the course a truly wonderful experience! Grazie!

Will definitely be back again
Namaste. A very grateful Luigi

En français: Je tenais à vous remercier sincèrement pour les sessions de cours de méditation incroyablement précieux hier. Les aspects pratiques de méditation avec vos conseils sur certaines techniques m’ont déjà aidé dans ma méditation aujourd’hui. Pour la session 4, comme vous le savez, j’ ai été totalement emporté par le discours de Deepak sur les états de conscience. J’ ai bien aimé et vraiment bénéficié de la combinaison de vos présentations, de nos dialogues, de la vidéo de David Simon, de la session 3 en diaporama, de la vidéo de Deepak et de notre méditation PSM / chakra combinée – et le livret que j’ai lu hier soir. Dans l’ensemble, le cours était d’une immense valeur pour moi – merci beaucoup. Pour ajouter à ce cours, je dois dire combien j’ai apprécié la « synchrodestinies » ( coincidences) d’hier – les deux plus évidentes pour moi étaient le message de flexibilité du lieu (grâce à ceci, j’ai accepté d’enseigner demain, loin de mon lieu habituel) et le partage des expériences de réconciliation parentales. Enfin, je voulais juste dire que j’ai reçu une part vitale de mon expérience d’hier , en recevant les conseils d’un instructeur qui est clairement aligné sur les connaissances, le matériel et l’expérience qu’elle partage. Votre aura personnelle pendant le cours est une expérience vraiment merveilleuse! Grazie!

Luigi Cosenza Jul 2016

Wellness retreat Detox , emotional wholeness and recovery plan

In January 2012 I was very depressed to the point where I had become addicted to alcohol and was suicidal. I had lost my way emotionally and spiritually to the point where society had labelled me mentally ill. In desperation my father paid my air fare to see Penny Burns. In her home in France she was able to help me recover from my physical addiction and more importantly,come to terms with the deep seated issues underlying my condition.

The physical and emotional pain of coming down from alcohol addiction is extreme.
Facing up to the underlying spiritual issues even more painful. Penny managed my recovery in a brilliant manner. Without any exaggeration her care and technique saved my life. Thank You Penny.

En Janvier 2012, je étais très déprimée au point où je étais devenu accro à l’alcool et était suicidaire. Je avais perdu mon chemin émotionnellement et spirituellement au point où la société avait marqué moi malades mentaux. En désespoir, mon père a payé mon billet d’avion pour voir Penny Burns. Dans sa maison en France, elle était en mesure de me aider à récupérer de ma dépendance physique et surtout se réconcilier avec les problèmes profondément enracinés sous-jacentes de mon état.

La douleur physique et émotionnelle de descendre de dépendance à l’alcool est extrême. Faire face aux questions spirituelles sous-jacentes encore plus douloureux. Penny géré mon rétablissement d’une manière brillante. Sans aucune exagération ses soins et technique me ont sauvé la vie. Merci Penny

Paul Roddie April 2015

6 hour meditation course, yoga and meditation sessions

I started the meditation course in march 2012, I was jobless and full of questions and needed help to get myself together and choose a way forward that was mine instead of what was expected of me. I paid 200€, for the 6 hours meditation course and then followed individual and group courses. It helped me realize how I was thinking wrong and through someone’s else eyes. I found my deep and true desires and have been able to choose more wisely since. From April to June 2012 I attended one of Penny’s group yoga classes with my wife Isabelle. We paid 15 euros an hour each for these and liked them a lot as they also incorporated meditation and we were very calm and concentrated afterwards.

J’ ai commencé le cours de méditation mars 2012 , je étais sans emploi et plein de questions . J’ ai eu besoin d’aide pour me mettre ensemble et choisir la forme qui était la mienne . Je ai payé 200 € , pour le cours 6 heures de méditation et J’ai suivi des cours individuels et collectifs. Il m’a aidé à comprendre comment je pensais tort et à travers les yeux des autres et pas mes yeux.J’ai trouvé mes profondes et vrais désirs et j’ ai été en mesure de choisir plus judicieusement depuis. D’Avril à Juin 2012 Moi et ma femme Isabelle on pris des classes de yoga en groupe avec Penny . Nous avons payé € 15 par heure .Nous les aimions beaucoup car ils ont également incorporés meditation et nous avons été très calmes et concentrés par la suite.

Marc CHARBONNEL March 2012

Older Testimonials

Original testimonials written by people who have found a new way forward in life thanks to Penny’s meditation and life coaching.

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10 day wellness retreat including nutritional therapy and meditation course

There is a Buddhist proverb “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Having been diagnosed with ME/CFS about 15 years ago and unable to work for the past couple of years, I was feeling depressed with energy levels so low that I was stuck in bed or on the sofa for most of the day, almost every day.

I was so inspired by Penny’s powerful story of self healing that it gave me faith that with Penny’s guidance I could heal myself. When Penny’s already metastasized melanoma came back and the medical profession could only offer her more surgery she set off to explore all successful methods of self healing and used these to heal herself at the same time as qualifying to help others to heal and create well being. Since then she has qualified as a Chopra Centre trained Meditation Teacher and other relevant qualifications.

Penny taught me meditation on her terrace in France. I was so deeply touched by my own truth that came through in the peace of mind created by meditation that I was often astounded.

With Penny’s insight and nurturing I was able to explore some of my long held toxic emotional beliefs and habits that left me feeling drained and powerless and develop a sense of self power which made me better able to cope with stressful life circumstances. I started to see that I had a choice and could create new emotional habits and felt safe enough to feel the build up of pain and release it. She put me on a nutritional therapy for me to carry on at home and I found that I had more energy and looked great. With Penny’s guidance I was able to take responsibility for and learn to process my emotional issues which had contributed to my condition.

I believe that learning and practising meditation is proving to be the most beneficial factor in my recovery and recovering from severe loss of self confidence, it was good to be reassured through Penny’s profound loving nurturing and guidance that I really was capable of being fully healed and not only “good as new”, but a refined evolved metamorphosis from what I was before.

Adam Flude, West Sussex 2009

For most of my life I felt like something was missing

I felt lost and insecure and didn’t know how to change my thought patterns. I moved from relationship to relationship always finding imperfections and seeing the worst in people, after the last break-up I felt very alone and turned to food for comfort and ended up putting on 20 pounds in a short space of time. I needed help. Penny’s support, advice, guidance and tuition have helped me to feel supported and whole, I now enjoy every day and look forward to the future when all I felt before was fear.

Through the healthy lifestyle changes (diet and exercise) I am back to a healthy weight while the meditation, yoga and life coaching have made a huge difference to my state of mind.

Even better I got to learn and grow in such a beautiful, peaceful and nurturing environment at Penny’s centre in the South of France. I am now in a loving relationship where I see the best in myself and in my partner and really believe that without Penny’s help I wouldn’t have been able to make the long term changes and truly embrace myself and be happy not only with myself but also with the person I am with. Thank you so much Penny!

Elizabeth Peacock, 31, Sydney (Australia)

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“I came away with a smile back on my face and a jointly prepared plan to apply daily what I had learned.”

Terence Roddie September 2018
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“I’m so grateful for Penny’s wisdom and experience, and how she cared for my well being and spiritual journey.”

Jenny Brent June 2017
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“Penny managed my recovery in a brilliant manner. Without any exaggeration her care and technique saved my life.”

Paul Roddie April 2015

Discovering Meditation is like finding a key which opens a door to a happier, healthier and more positive life

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