Dear Fellow Travellers

During this difficult time, it can feel like we are being pushed down an unknown path by an invisible killer.

Sunset on a beach for creative visualisation Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

Every time we watch the news we hear the tragic stories of people who are dying alone, the heartbreak of their loved ones who can’t be with them, the nurses and doctors who are in overwhelm on the frontline, and others who are living alone in isolation. We can feel almost redundant in the message. “Stay at home and save lives” and many of us have been made redundant and can no longer support our families.

Our negativity bias is rampant, as self-preservation is so easily fed by all the doom and gloom.
We can find ourselves in fight or flight with adrenalin coursing through our systems creating havoc on our immune systems.

Whatever our circumstances, even if we are isolated in a nursing home or alone in a hospital bed, one thing we have in common are memories and desires. By reliving positive memories with all our 5 senses we can re-create the experience of these memories in our bodies. This can almost feel like a luxury in today’s world, but the feelings of peace, well being and joy that they generate release a cascade of healing chemicals that revitalise every cell. They will not only boost our own immune systems but will infuse into others and the environment which is our extended body.

When we are filled with hope, we can dare to see a brand-new morning dawning over the horizon.
We will have the freedom to create a positive blueprint for the future.

Positive Thoughts

We can comfort loved ones who are passing by sending them prayers, peace and love from our hearts. We can imagine that we are holding their hands and comforting them. I know from my own experience that they will feel our presence. The soul whispers to us and through us, in the silence beyond time and space.

Creative Healing Visualisation

This creative healing visualisation from my book may guide you through your own process.

You may like to play some soft music and ask a friend to read these words. Lie or sit comfortably, supporting yourself with cushions under your knees, back and head and cover yourself with a blanket or shawl to keep you warm and your energy focused inwards.

Close your eyes and take long slow deep breaths. Then feel and listen to the sound of your breath as it flows in and out, like the waves of the ocean. You can repeat the sound “So Hum” silently to yourself if it helps you to focus your attention. Repeat “So” on the inhale and “hum” on the exhale. Allow any thoughts that arise to drift past like clouds in the sky. If fear and sadness surface, focus on the sensations in your body until they subside and bring yourself back to sound, sensation and breath.

Allow yourself to sink into the deep peace and silence within. Be still, trust and let go. Give yourself fully to higher power.

Relax all the muscles in your face, unclench your jaw, feel all the anxiety and worry melt from your brow, shoulders, neck and back completely relaxed, all the tensions melting away. Relax any holding anywhere, long, slow breaths. Merge into the subtle vibrations of the fresh new life force filling every cell. Feel this happening.

In the stillness and silence within, mind, body, heart and soul merge into one blissful presence and our incredible healing power is liberated.

Now breathe naturally, following your breath in and out, without force or strain…… notice how relaxed your body is, how soft your breath is, how peaceful your mind is, almost as if life is breathing you. Allow yourself just to drift into being and bask in the peace and silence within. No where to go , nothing to do, just be.

Now allow your awareness to drift to your heart and feel your breath flowing in and out of your heart. Breathing in and out…. Breathing In love, compassion and bliss and breathing out any feelings of isolation and unworthiness…. Feel the breath of life flowing into your heart and dissolving any pain and suffering. Feel the fear, resentment and hostility melt away. Feel this happening. Breathe in and out…. breathe in acceptance and sensitivity for yourself and others and open to joy and bliss.

Imagine the beautiful vibrant green of your heart energy filling every cell of your being, bathing every cell in unconditional love and bliss. In a moment take a deep breath in and as you exhale chant the sound of Yam. Repeat 3 times.

Breathe in…Yam…Yam…Yam Melt and merge into the subtle vibrations…. Sound, breath, sensation and attention merged into oneness. Feel your energy expanding beyond all boundaries and bask in being.

For a few moments reflect on all the things you are Grateful for in your life. Remember the warmth of the sun on your face, the birds singing…. a new morning, the love you share with family and friends…visualise these things with all your senses. Allow yourself to melt into these feelings of love and gratitude. Gratitude for love and life filling every cell.

Repeat the following phrase silently to yourself. “Every decision I make is a choice between a grievance and a miracle, I let go of grievances, resentments and regrets and choose the miracle.”

Surrender into the deep peace and silence within.

Say to yourself “I let go of the need to know and embrace the freedom and infinite possibilities of the new. I am safe. I am completely loved.” I am reborn in every new moment of now.

Now bring your attention to the third eye or place between your brows. This is where deep body wisdom meets consciousness.

Now release your prayers, your intentions for healing to the source of all wisdom, power and creativity within, surrender with faith and trust….. know that your prayers, your intentions are being heard.

The Grace of healing that you are receiving is a gift that is freely given, without conditions. Now allow these affirmations to wash over you. ‘I am being guided on my path to healing and joy. I listen to the insights that come my way as you take my hand and guide me gently towards the right choices along my path. I am loved. I am completely safe. I Trust and accept this guidance from the source of all within.. I am open to the messages that may come my way through a flash of intuition, a sudden knowingness, through synchronicity… in the words of another or in a book randomly opened, or a sign in nature, through a butterfly, bird or vision of sunlight or flower. I am open to the whispers of infinite intelligence.

Now bring your attention to any area of your body that needs healing …… imagine this area infused with light and love as you say to yourself ‘transformation and healing.’

Imagine yourself as vibrantly well…… allow a vision to come to you……… If fears or negative visions come up then let them drift past on your screen of consciousness like passing clouds in the sky and tell them you no longer need them…… Notice every aspect of your being as healthy and healed…… Notice how you have a spring in your walk…..You are breathing easily and effortlessly with a fullness of breath……You notice you are easily and comfortably digesting nourishment from your food, your environment and the air around you. You are full of joy and laughter as you share openly with the people you love. See yourself immersed in something you love to do, where time seems to stand still.…… Notice how you feel in a perfectly functioning body. See this with complete clarity.

You feel so nurtured by mother nature and in awe of her beauty. The grass feels so soft under your feet, cushioning your every step…. You feel the embrace of the warm summer sun on your body….. You feel so relaxed yet full of energy. The gentle caress of the breeze kisses your face and you breathe in the sweet scent of the beautiful flowers around you.

Take a few slow deep breaths, in and out, in and out and allow yourself just to melt into being. Spend a few minutes basking in being…… 5 minutes.

Now slowly wiggle your toes and fingers, move as if you are waking from a deep sleep, stretch your arms and legs and when you are ready gently open your eyes.

Sending you blessings and light,
Love Penny

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