Springtime in France and the Promise of New Beginnings

Lockdown at home in France but Springtime blossoming and birds singing, the promise of a brand new morning…

A Poem by Penny Burns


Home alone,
No-one in sight,
In this unknown,
Worldly worries rife,
Redundant in my strife,

Yet trees bursting with new life,
Branches reaching towards the light,
Flowers blossoming, bees humming,
Birds singing, Wind chimes tinkling,
Leaves dancing in the scented breeze,
In a dappled play of darkness and light,

Whispers of new beginnings,
As if waking from a mean sleep,
Butterflies flying free,
Lighter thoughts softly flittering,
Blessed with Grace,
Of Seeing and Being,

And we can only glimpse,
The bliss and peace,
We wish,
For those who’ve passed,
A gentle comfort,
Like a soft embrace.

Penny sharing her scribblings, May 1st 2020